Match Report
Berkhamsted School 1st XII vs  National Schools
On: Sunday, 03 Mar 2019
Venue: Away

At the firsts national’s schools final tournament, last weekend, we were crowned national champions, winning all 13 of our games. It was a jam-packed weekend and we were all on the floor by Sunday evening, however every single second was worth it. During day 1 we had a relatively easy draw, winning every game and scoring a total of 56 goals, and only conceding 5. This meant we finished top of our group and were seeded top overall on goal difference and points scored throughout the day. On day 2 we were all a bit more anxious about the day we had ahead, as we knew some of the games would be tough. However, we all took it in our stride and started off the day with a solid win of 8-1 against St Helens and St Katherine’s. We then beat Morton Hall by 5-2 and St Cats by 3-1. This meant we were top of our pool and took us into the knockout rounds. A convincing win against Withington of 9-2, led us to the quarter finals against Benenden. This was the first game that we went down by one goal, but brought it back to a final score of 4-1. This led us to the semi-finals against Caterham, our closest game of the tournament by far. Again, we went down a goal, however we were not giving in and kept fighting until the final whistle, earning ourselves a final score of 5-3. Lastly, we faced Guildford in the final, one of only two schools to have beaten us this season. However, we won it convincingly, building up a 4-0 lead and only conceding one just before the whistle, crowning us National Champions.

This weekend was one I have been dreaming of for 7 years and I had always hoped to captain the team to success. Now that I have achieved that I feel like I am still dreaming and will never forget how happy I was to win Nationals in my last year.

I am incredibly proud of the team and the performance we gave and we will never forget the moment the final whistle blew.

I would like to wish each and every one of you success in the future in both sport and school life in general. Although 14 years spent at school will sound long to you, it no longer does for me, so I hope you all enjoy your school life as much as I have and take every opportunity possible to follow your dreams and never forget that the only thing stopping you, is you.

4 of the team are now going to share their personal experiences with you.

My final advice to you is take every opportunity that comes your way and always dream big, and the results will follow.