Match Report
Berkhamsted School 2nd XI vs  St Benedict's School
On: Saturday, 23 Mar 2019
Venue: Away

On a warm and dry March day, we walked out to face a St Benedicts second team who were, by their own admission, ‘not the best side’, but which had a number of skilful individuals who did try to threaten our clean sheet.

We played well in the first half but allowed ourselves some scrappy play to match theirs. With great work in the middle from captain, Ben H and fellow runners, Charlie, Felix and Sam, three goals were scored, the best of which was a sequence of 1-2s from Josh and Charlie, that left them for dust. Defence was solid from Fergal and Ethan and co. First half finished 3-0, with goals from Ben H, Josh & Charlie.

The second half was all ours, despite playing many Berko students out of their familiar positions to even up the match a little. Jemima, Caitlin and Ben G made a few chances but couldn’t convert. We had a number of well-developed opportunities amount to nothing - the finishing just never quite happened. We enjoyed sustained dominance, so it was somewhat of a surprise when they occasionally broke through and tested Joel, who responded with excellent saves.

We conceded a goal in the dying seconds, which sadly concluded the second half. However, the Berkhamsted second team celebrate their first win as they close the season.